What I talk about when I talk about data

It is tempting to think of today’s technology workers as the cats who got the cream, the geeks who inherited the earth. Whilst I don’t dispute this statement, it covers up a deeper truth.

The glory years of Excel (and how to recreate them)

London was a good place to be in the summer of 1995. The weather was hot, for ages, a specific kind of heat faceted by not only temperature but music, too. The heatwave actually sounded like Blur, Oasis and, erm, The Boo Radley’s. Cool Britannia was not only where we lived but how we lived it.


Excel: where agile goes to die

Lured by the euphoria of using one’s knowledge to help others, the Excel Guru quickly and repeatedly descends into this pit of despair. The crack cocaine of development jobs.