Connecting Private Trello Board to Power BI (without the API)

Within Power BI press Get Data but instead of choosing Web, choose JSON. Upload the file you just exported.

From this point on the file will behave exactly as the web connected version with the downside that it is not 100% live. To refresh the data, you would need to export back over the top of the original file.


Connecting Trello to Power BI for the first time

You have your Trello board. You have access to Power BI. You want to make the two of them talk. Here we show how to do this utilising the Trello board as a JSON file. (Do not worry if you don’t know what a JSON file is.)

How to: Measure Trello with Power BI

A fundamental tenet of the lean methodology is that you measure. As enterprises large and small move to a lean start-up principles they are using Trello to facilitate this. Here we use Power BI to measure Trello.

Jack, Queen, Polymath, Shaman

Not an Expert, as I read it, means someone attaining a rarefied level of knowledge by servicing a wide diaspora of other’s needs. A person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural [technical] worlds to attain a wide knowledge.

Goodbye, Recruitment

As I built the data model I realised that I was modelling nothing less than humanity itself.