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The glory years of Excel (and how to recreate them)

This is a blog post for those who want to “wow” people with computers.

London was a good place to be in the summer of 1995.  The weather was hot, for ages, a specific kind of heat faceted by not only temperature but music, too.  The heatwave actually sounded like Blur, Oasis and, erm, The Boo Radley’s.  Cool Britannia was not only where we lived but how we lived it. Continue reading The glory years of Excel (and how to recreate them)

(What’s the story) macro glory

This is a blog for Excel-loving, technical historians who secretly wish it was 1995 – and almost no-one else. Continue reading (What’s the story) macro glory

Excel: where agile goes to die

To the casual onlooker all I have done is help with a formula in Excel.  In-house things are different.  We know: this is life changing.  Spreadsheets are faster.  Reports are smarter.  Truth is nearer.

This is part of who I am: the Excel Guru. Every office has one because every office needs one. This is inevitable.  Continue reading Excel: where agile goes to die