Power BI – You don’t have access to this dashboard

Short version:

The problem:

You don’t have access to this dashboard

This invitation contains dashboards, reports or data outside of your organisation that cannot be viewed

The solution: add the administrator as an individual user.

Long version:

I recently shared a dashboard for 100 “strangers” and they couldn’t see it. That was embarrassing.  Especially as the common bond we held cast me as Subject Matter Expert. Namely, I had presented to all of them on Power BI so when they received the above message I had egg on my face.

I honestly had no idea. My journey through Power BI’s invitation process had been seamless. They even got an email inviting them to…


I thought I was done and celebrated gloriously (because theoretically you can’t invite the ineligible). Meanwhile, they clicked, they got the error. Embarrassment ensued.

Having just spent several hours finding the solution I thought I would save you those same hours by sharing it. Once you’ve sliced through the chaff, the solution is surprisingly simple (and might I say very-MS):

  • Add the administrator’s email address as an individual user.

This, of course, is operationally null (and for that reason I imagine this post will have a short shelf life) but it does seem to work.

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