Look at your Data

Data-driven business analysis – that’s what we do.

We give you the solutions to your existing problems, and highlight the (correct) questions your data can answer for you.

We will always suggest the right tool for the job and as a general rule the solution is typically built on the Microsoft Azure platform with visualisations in Power BI.

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.” Richard Feynman
“A shift from the skill of problem solving to the skill of problem finding – that’s really what innovators do…They find problems that other people didn’t realize were problems.” Daniel H. Pink

In today’s world finding the information is easy, asking the correct questions of it: that’s hard.  The single best way to ask the right questions is to look at your data. This is what we do: look at the data, ask the right questions, solve the right problems.

Applying this method helps your business grow scalably and exponentially. By looking at the data we can help. Exponentially. The first session is free so please click here to get in touch.

Our definition of data is wide, extending beyond bytes and burrowing into your brain. The clever bit is the way we look at it. The diagrams below show you (some of) the various techniques we use to do it.

Using non-traditional techniques to map all of your data into traditional formats; we combine the power of bleeding edge technologies and over 20,000+ man hours of data science experience to give you a solution that feels at once novel and familiar.

Your solution will:

  • be scalable
  • be intuitive
  • make money

Our ethos is to practice what we preach. We only provide you with solutions we use ourselves. We are good at what we do.

Please get in touch and we will take your data – and thus your company – to places you never thought possible.