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What I talk about when I talk about data

LONDON, ENGLAND, 1-Aug 1996. A young man tried to get a job in a factory today. Human Resources took one look at his nascent skill set and pointed him towards the sales floor. Had anyone from the department been available... Continue Reading →

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From student to professional in precisely one step

I originally intended this post for data-practitioners, their bosses and those who are both. Based on the small but noisy response it got, I now know I was wrong: this applies to any erstwhile student who has ever managed or been managed. That's... Continue Reading →

The glory years of Excel (and how to recreate them)

This is a blog post for those who want to “wow” people with computers.  The star of this blog is the Excel Macro.  These two statements are not contradictory. London was a good place to be in the summer of... Continue Reading →

(What’s the story) macro glory

This is a blog for Excel-loving, technical historians who secretly wish it was 1995 – and almost no-one else. The Excel Macro.  On a literal level, it is a relic.  Microsoft stopped supporting an ancient (but great!) programming language called... Continue Reading →

Excel: where agile goes to die

To the casual onlooker all I have done is help with a formula in Excel.  In-house things are different.  We know: this is life changing.  Spreadsheets are faster.  Reports are smarter.  Truth is nearer. This is part of who I... Continue Reading →

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